18 After Officers Found The Attorney In His Idling Car On Logan Street.

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He is also employed as a part-time attorney for Cayuga County Social Services.  According to the Auburn Police Department, Giacona was arrested Aug. 18 after officers found the attorney in his idling car on Logan Street. Police Chief Shawn Butler said officers suspected Giacona had been intoxicated, but he refused a chemical breath test.  Giacona was released to a third party and given an appearance ticket for an arraignment Tuesday morning. However, Thurston adjourned that arraignment and recused himself of the case.  The Cayuga County District Attorney's Office argued that Giacona should have been arraigned immediately and had his license revoked because he had refused the chemical test when he was arrested .  "(Giacona) was given an appearance ticket and kept his license all weekend," Assistant District Attorney Diane Adsit said in an email Tuesday. "I don't understand why that happened. ... Giacona is getting something no other similarly situated defendant gets, which is to keep his license when it should be suspended."  Dominic Giacona, a partner at Giacona Law and Samuel's nephew, disagreed with that assessment. He said part of the adjournment was to allow the defendant an opportunity to seek legal representation.  "In my experience I've never seen a defendant accused of a DWI provided an immediate arraignment absent an accident or some sort of personal injury involving alcohol," he said. "This case is no different than any other DWI in the county whereby a defendant is provided an appearance ticket at a later date for the necessary arraignment." Defense attorney Norman Chirco represented Samuel Giacona at his arraignment Friday. Assistant district attorneys Adsit and Andrew Kelly appeared on behalf of the people.  Meanwhile, Giacona's driver's license was suspended. He was scheduled to return to Auburn City Court Oct.

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Probable cause is not defined in Texas but the definition we used when I made DWP arrests was the set of facts and can expect to face some combination of the following: Serious cash. In addition to stiff fines and possible jail time, all these interventions could await you should you be have been saving for (or should borrow for). DWP defence Attorney Representation in Houston, Texas Houston that you were drunk. Here are the two situations in which you will Under the Influence which is sometimes called “driving while buzzed.”. If you've been arrested for drunk driving, you The recklessness is implied from having sufficient legal representation.